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Microsoft Certified Professionals should initially have a degree in software engineering, data Technology or related territories. Aside from this particular degree, the up-and-comer attempts a proper preparing program specific for the activity position and gains this affirmation by finishing an exhaustive test. The test must be set up for and planned for advance.


Advantages of certification

Recognition of your knowledge and an operational experience with products Microsoft;
Access to the technical information it is direct from Microsoft, invitations to conferences Microsoft, technical seminars and
special events;
Access to the specialized electronic forums allowing MCP to communicate with Microsoft and with each other;
Sub scription on Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine-professional magazine for MCP;
Use of trade mark Microsoft Certified Professional and other materials for identification you as MCP for colleagues and clients.
To receive MCP status, it is necessary to pass one obligatory examination (any of the certified examinations Microsoft existing at the moment) who provides a reliable and objective estimation of technical knowledge and an operational experience with a product of the candidate.


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